Saturday, April 5, 2008

EditStudio v6.0.4

EditStudio v6.0.4

EditStudio from Mediachance

EditStudio PRO is different than many other video editing applications in this price range. It is a complete video editing package with standard windows interface, professional quality tools and results. It is a flexible tool that offers all types of standard and advanced video capturing, multi-camera support, MPEG2 encoding and Subtitling in one package.

Because EditStudio uses one of the most advanced Mpeg-2 encoder available, it is a great companion for DVD authors and will let you produce highest quality DVD files. The Advanced MPEG settings allows you to tweak every aspect of the encoder - something you can't find in many other encoders or editors. Thanks to the EditStudio unique layered Effects, multi-camera editing uses very clean approach. No splicing and dicing of your videos. The switching between different cameras is done right on the Effect layer, without actually touching any of your synchronized videos.

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