Saturday, April 5, 2008

PhoneTray Dialup

PhoneTray Dialup

PhoneTray Dialup lets you receive and screen phone calls while you are online. The program uses your V.92 modem and Call Waiting service from your phone company to detect an incoming call. If you have Caller ID on Call Waiting, also called Call Waiting ID or Visual Call Waiting, PhoneTray will show the caller's name and number, so you can decide if you want to answer the call or ignore it. If your internet provider supports Modem-on-Hold, you can put internet on hold, take a call and continue browsing after you finish talking.

Other Internet Call Waiting services like AOLCallAlert, CallWave, Pagoo or BuzMe transfer your calls to their call centers. They know who's calling you and can subject your callers to advertisement. PhoneTray Dialup doesn't transfer your calls anywhere. It uses your modem to get Caller ID information supplied by your phone company. So your privacy is protected and you are in complete control of your calls!

Serial: 2N91RB7-8995AWQ-J86FUBF-MN6GE

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