Saturday, April 5, 2008

Medal Of Honor Airborne

Medal Of Honor Airborne

Here we have the next installment in the long running Medal of Honor series of video games. Titled Airborne this focuses primarily on paratroopers hence the name ‘Airborne’. Once you are ejected from the plane instead of following a pre-scripted path like in past MoH games you can actually control where your player lands on the map and make your own way to the target. This is called Non-Linear gameplay if you didnt already know and has been a popular feature for modern games.

Medal of Honor Airborne™ is the latest video game from EA’s acclaimed Medal of Honor franchise, credited with pioneering the WWII first-person shooter genre after its debut in 1999. This is the first game in the Medal of Honor™ series to be released on next generation platforms.

While building on the key tenets of the franchise including historical accuracy and authenticity, Medal of Honor Airborne is set to redefine the series by introducing players to an entirely new way of experiencing a WWII FPS – notably the fully interactive Airborne experience.

* The first step is everything – Unprecedented player choice. NON-LINEAR Missions in a free-roaming FPS.
* Start each mission with an airdrop into enemy territory where the landing spot you choose can dramatically change the course of battle. On the ground, tackle enemies and complete objectives in whatever order you chose as your navigate your way through a massive, free-roaming FPS environment.
* A wide variety of historically accurate CUSTOMIZABLE WEAPONS are at your disposal.
* Develop skills on your personalized weapon with field modifications that remain persistent throughout the entire game.
* Medal of Honor Airborne will present the MOST BELIEVABLE HUMANS in a game.
* Utilizing the very latest technology to deliver truly believable humans within the gaming environment.
* A formidable new AI system delivers unpredictable and intelligent enemies which challenge even your most battle-hardened strategies.
* Engaging the enemy triggers death animations unique to each and every encounter.
* New and exciting multiplayer! Deathmatch style online play, 2 new multiplayer modes and Team-based game play.


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