Saturday, April 5, 2008

ArtWaver 1.3 RC2

ArtWaver 1.3 RC2

The basic advantages of program ArtWaver - simplicity of use and originality of realization of graphic effects. Simplicity - that to what authors-developers aspired by development of all interface of the program. As a result created software product on is simple, at the sufficient functionality and flexibility so much what take advantage of it(him) any end user of the personal computer which are not possessing an operational experience with graphic ON can without any difficulties. It is enough to you to load the necessary photo into the program, to add a layer (the filter of effect) and to sketch a brush area of the image to which the effect should be applied. And this all! You already receive ready animation. It is necessary to keep the project in an executed presentation file («.exe» or in the keeper of the screen «.scr») and it is possible to distribute to friends. On everything, about everything, at you will leave no more than 5-10 minutes. Will agree, all quickly enough and simply.

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